Some days later, I started to notice that Junior, as I now knew him to be.... the victim of murder, decided to follow me around.

Yay for me!!

Tweaker Ted had been on trial. Fast Eddie was not even in my rear view mirror. But no matter where I found myself, Junior would be there. Just standing in the corner, drinking out of a tea cup. Probably Kool Aid, who knows?

It wasn't scary, nor could people with me necessarily see him. Or wanted to.... but that rarely stopped me from telling them exactly who was in the corner.... wearing a Capt's hat. With a tea cup. As a conversation starter, often I would ask the random person, "Did you know Junior?"

"That guy who was murdered in that speed deal?"

"If you say so... What kind of hat did Junior wear?"

"Captain's hat... why?"

"Just asking..."

Because Junior was making himself my shadow, I got less afraid of it all. He was very different, not really scary at all. If you're not afraid of ghosts, that is. He and I spent a few nights together, and it wasn't dramatic at all.

If I wanted to, I could call out hey, or think it, and he would wave.... and still just stand around. I guess after a couple of times, I started to think........... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... what does he want?


Of course I immediately flashed to the TV show, with the elderly woman crime solving "biker", which I am apparently stoned or getting older myself.... but it was filmed on the back lot of Universal Studios and is on the tour, next to Jaws. AKA Bruce... Spielberg's Lawyer's name. Also, in Finding Nemo. Professional courtesy abounds! If I care later, I will find the name of the show.

One fine Sunset Blvd. after noon, a kind German fella let me or maybe even insisted I drive his rental cherry red convertible Mustang, new for 1991. I was supposed to drive across LA.... which is probably like NY... but only in number of people parked on any particular road, hoping for free way any hour now. I think her name was Sunny.... as opposed to Sonny, who will be in another story elsewhere. Maybe.

I guess I learned on the way back she was a slow moving crack whore. (Phil Campbell story later... timely futuristic history. The only thing slower than a crack junkie is a speed freak)

By the time I returned, drugs and whore tow up... I mean, in tow, German guy was riled up from the black fella who had insisted he would never see his car again. I'm like thanks here's your drugs, whore and car.... but no, he still liked me that hour. Later.... his whore, Sunny.... was more interested in doing drugs, which the German blamed upon me.

Sunny wasn't bright. On the radio, four in the morning, a commercial played announcing that Rush was coming in concert. Karen (a friend of George's) and I agreed we should go to that concert. Sunny replies, "I'm kind of tired."

It was Sunny whose astral body I saw, the night George told me what I called ghosts could be the spirit of the living. The astral body. I had been explaining to him what I saw all the time, and in that moment's case, it was her. Only as she slept on the floor, I watched that spirit float out and above. For some reason, I knew if I looked to one side of the room, it would follow. Then I would look the other way, to the left.... and again, Sunny's shimmery self would follow.

As George was explaining, I was doing my own play by play, telling him, now it's floating back to her, because that's where I'm looking. "Now I am looking at her, and it's going back inside." Just as it rejoined her body, she began to move in her sleep for the first time. She groaned and started to roll slightly. THAT'S when I LOOKED UP THREE FEET SUDDENLY.

"OW! OW! OW!!" She said very clearly.

I blinked and looked away completely, "Sorry..."

"I guess I won't do THAT again!"

Then George said, "I can astral project."

"What does THAT mean?"

"It means that I can project out of my body. You can probably see IT"

He said, "I will be red, and I will float to one corner of this room. You tell me where I go."

(author's note... MURDER SHE WROTE)