I had no clue what I was going to do about the invisible man. He seemed to want to yell at me... a lot! Lucky for me, I can't hear ghosts. He was in my face, though, and I could sense his anger, even if I couldn't see his face. He'd flail his arms, just the same. Then he'd act out his fury in between those moments of trying to get my attention. I continued to crawl up the back of the chair.... going to the bathroom, to smoke crack and pray. But just as soon as I would get 'done,' I, of course, had to go back to the 'excitement.'

What are you going to do? Nothing good on TV. Maybe no TV, I wouldn't have cared anyway. TV does NOT rock on crack.

As the night wore on, I watched this ghost storm angrily around the well lit room. One time when I came back from the bathroom, I found him sitting in my chair... the only chair in the room.

Luckily, ghosts are mind readers, just as long as you talk to them... in your head.

He was very angry, let's say. And, I noticed with much interest, the ghost was very angry at Fast Eddie. He beat on Eddie, dragged his body out of the room. Or, he'd look wildly at Eddie, head to toe. It didn't matter Ed's physical body. The ghost passed right through the thick middle of the sleeping man's corporeal being. It seemed he was looking for the man's very soul.

After about three hours, the sun was up. I knew what time Eddie had set his alarm. I knew I would have to be asleep by then. As I finally decided to take my side of the bed, Eddie had lain perfectly still on his back the entire night. The only sounds he had made were when the ghost was trying to kill him. But even then, it was only a heavy sigh.

The last thing I recall that morning was me trying to will myself to sleep, with the ghost now slumped in the chair, staring at me. I said good night. Asked him to let me sleep.... but mostly to leave me alone.

It was early evening when I finally came to. I had slept great. Dreamless. Needed.

Eddie was fixing me food and drink, making sure I was comfortable. His broad smile showed white teeth, maybe some gold, set contrasting his dark skin. He was in an eggcellent mood. I think I got bacon, too. I think I took a shower, changed my clothes, as I figured convenient. And since I had no intention of staying there that night, I lulled in the luxury.

I don't recall if he told me about the trial. I don't even know if it was over. I didn't really ask!

Finally I stated, "Something showed up here last night..."

He laughed, knowingly, "That was Junior. He shows up here all the time."


"My friend whose trial was today!"

"What kind of hat does Junior wear?"

"A captain's hat!"

OOoooohhhh.... k....?

"He's kind of mad at you...."

Then I changed the subject. Immediately.