As we shared a common 'enemy' story, we had a laugh at how small the world really was and said good night. I stayed in his room, since his girls were there. He slept on a large bed, while I opted to smoke crack curled in an armchair in the corner of the room. It was very nice to have such a nice place to camp. I was used to nice places. Even homeless, I always seemed to have the best places to hang. Most were better than I could ever have afforded. And all came with no price tag, or else I wouldn't have stayed. I was ready for a night of drugs and the visions that never stop, even now.

It was right about three in the morning, the witching hour, that 'something' showed up. Actually three 'things' showed up. Two were green, glimmering static. I had seen spirits like this all the time by this point. I still wasn't sure what I was experiencing, aka George's astral vision explanation had yet to arrive. And those green things seemed more like special effects from Poltergeist, the movie, whereby the TV static was essentially what I saw exactly.

However, the two beings brought with them a spirit form I had never seen prior. This one was very different.

The ghost that was escorted into the room by the two green spirits was very human. I couldn't exactly see him, but I could tell he, like Fast Eddie, was black. What I could see very clearly was his clothes. He wore brown pants, with a belt, and a white shirt, collared, with the sleeves rolled up. The most striking feature, however, was his captain's hat. I could see it's white shape, black trim, with a gold emblem adorning the front.

Actually. do you know what caught my attention the most?

The ghost was pissed!!!!

I don't mean a little angry. I mean, livid. He stormed around the room, very rapid and with great exuberance. The more he paced, the more I crawled up the back of the chair, crossing myself like I was actually a Catholic, and knew what I was doing. I knew that I could just leave. But wandering off into the Dark Hollywood night at four in the morning seemed slightly more scary!